Gray Eldritch is a full-rounded visual artist and inventor, currently residing in Oregon. From a very young age, Gray had been knee-deep in various artistic endeavors. This passion extended into his adulthood, manifesting into the creative phenomena that you see today. Gray’s artwork encompasses a broad selection of media that perfectly intertwine with one another through content, technique, and aesthetic. He finds himself drawn towards darker subjects, influenced by science fiction, space, and literature, and Gray was inspired by great artists and surrealists such as Salvador Dali and darker artists such as H.R. Giger. His art is intended to show the beauty and light in subject matter normally seen as the contrary, and combines elements of technology, science and nature into a synergy of emotion and hypnotizing geometry. He is also an avid astronomer, and astro photographer, and uses space and astronomy as a huge source of inspiration and wonder, and his own photography is often used as artist's reference for his paintings. His artistic repertoire includes paintings, sculpture, photography, and more. Gray has been featured in a slew of well-known art galleries in both Denver and Los Angeles, and has many upcoming shows in Oregon.


Gray's primary medium is acrylic paints on traditional canvas, although some of his work includes multiple mediums, both traditional, and digital. He believes using a mixed media technique is sometimes necessary to get a piece to its full potential. But he is primarily a traditional painter. He runs his art studio as a one man show, he builds every frame individually, does his own marketing, web design, and publishing, and works as a completely independent force. In most cases, he will embellish a painting's frame with custom 3d printed elements, sculpture, and more. In his part time, he runs a youtube channel called “the Technomanc3r” when he builds working robotic creations, which are often incorporated into his work, and vice versa.


Gray's most recent book, “The Art Of Gray Eldritch: Volume 1” was just released in the new year, and is available at major book retailers, and features all of his best work from the past year. This marked a major accomplishment in Gray's career, and he hopes you will find as much joy in his art as he does. He also offers merchandise featuring his artwork, including clothing, sketchbooks, journals, and even coloring books inspired by his original work. All are also available at the same book retailers. He hopes to release more books featuring his artwork, and pursue album art for bands, gallery work, and move forward, paintbrush in hand, toward whatever creative challenges the future holds!